Posted by: Paul Roberts | March 25, 2017

“Snow Covered” – Original Music for Cello Banjo

“Snow Covered” is from Banjos Dreaming, an album of Paul’s original music for Cello Banjo

On Banjos Dreaming, Paul multiplexes the sounds of two Gold Tone CEB-5 cello banjos, tuned an octave apart, with the tinkly sounds of a cittern, made by Stefan Sobell, restrung to play as a banjo-lute (banjola).

Check out Paul’s website where he represents Gold Tone musical instruments, and which includes articles and interviews of interest to banjo players.

“If you’re interested in learning more about cello banjos, visit and talk to Paul who is an authority on this special instrument.”  

Wayne A. Rogers, Gold Tone 


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