Posted by: Paul Roberts | November 25, 2015

“Red Rocking Chair” on Béla Fleck Baritone Banjo

Here’s the sound file on Banjo Hangout

I got my first taste of the Missing Link at the beginning of the year, when I had a meeting with Béla Fleck and got a chance to play two he had, for a couple hours. But it wasn’t until yesterday, when this one arrived, that I got the chance to more thoroughly engage with the instrument.

Playing with an all-wound string setup wasn’t knew to me, because I’ve played cello banjo for the past 7 years, and I also use wound strings on my Bob Carlin openback model. But those are would nylon. These are metal and have a very different feel and sound.

Another new thing for me, is playing on a radius neck. Now, I see why some people like them.

If anyone’s interested, the Missing LInk is available from me through my Gold Tone dealership

Here’s my Missing Link article in Banjo Newsletter, in which Béla says some pretty interesting things.



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